Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cork Design Week 2008 Graphic Novel

The last 2 weeks have been taken up with this project for Design Week Cork. The brief is to design a 6 page comic / graphic novel based around the theme of "your universe", quite a broad topic, but i eventually decided on a topic that was quite familiar to me over the years! I used very minimal dialogue, I first wanted it to be text free, but felt people might think "what the hell is this about?" (Mightn't be a bad thing either I guess!).

The printed format will be 210mm x 210mm so, when published, it should look quite interesting. Unfortunately I can't put up any final artwork yet as the submitted work cannot be posted etc. I just finished it yesterday and i'm quite pleased. Hopefully it will feature in the final draft.

In the meantime, above is a dodgy 'in progress' pic from last week.

here is the site