Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lucky Escape

Photoshop render

Lost Horizon

Speedpainted landscape in photoshop

Live Life

Sketch and Illustrator

Little Brat

Sketch and Illustrator

Kitten Eating Flatman

Character Illustration

Jimmy Funk

Illustrator Character

hunter mech and barmaid

Happy Easter

Another submission to Istockphoto

Gym Guy

Sketch and Illustrator

Giger ate my hoover

image and photoshop

1st Strike Vehicle

Painter IX

Excuse Me!

Sketch and illustrator


Illustrator and Photoshop

Enemy at the gates

enemy at the gates. Sketched. Coloured in PS

Easter Bunny

Vector illustration of the easter bunny

Cat Skull

Cat skull. In photoshop

Concept car 2

Another concept car sketched and markers

Concept Car

Concept car with markers


Sketch up city

The Bills are too high!



Happy Barmaid

Bad Santa

Sketch & Illustrator

Acid head

Colourful montage in painter using various elements.

Supersize me

Sketched ink and PS

Bar Scene

An illustration of a few old men in a pub. sketched, scanned and photoshop