Friday, November 23, 2007

The Cheese Chase

Again, this illustration was for the fortified cheese presentation. The brief was really mad. "We need an illustration of 2 horses neck and neck near a winning post. The lead horse will represent the fortified cheese company. The second horse will be NPD. They will then be followed by 2 accountants. After that then will be the remaining horses."

It made me realise that I hate drawing horses! But it was enjoyable in the end. Odd or not.

Cheese versus Cigarettes

This is an illustration i have done specifically for a presentation. It is to highlight the fact that cheese is just as bad for you as smoking! Of course thats not true, unless you gorge yourself to death on cheese, but it's to highlight a required point. The job was for the proposal of a new 3% fat fortified cheese product. The only kind in Europe apparently. They wanted a colourful, loose style.